10 Tips Before Buying A New Coffee Table

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In your home, living room can be an important place because that is the place where you can get the social interaction with your family member or might be with the guests. Do you realize something? The most important aspect in this place is the seat and coffee table. A living room without both of them are just like a soup without salt or a tea without sugar. It becomes incomplete. That is the reason for me to share these tips to choose the best coffee table for your living room.

a. Budget
Before you buy a new furniture, you must prepare the money well and thinking about how much is the maximal budget that can be used to buy those things. I don’t think that it is wise to buy something that more expensive with the money you have. But, if you get the cheaper one, it is a good idea because you can keep it for another need.

b. Shape
Before you buy a new coffee table, you should think about the best shape of the coffee table that you will buy. It must be suitable with the interior design, space size, etc.

c. Size
Actually, a seat must be 1-2 inches higher than the coffee table. This is because if the difference is too much, your guest will be hard to reach anything you serve on the table. The standard size of coffee table is 16-18 inches.

d. Functionality
Before you buy it, you must understand about the functionality you will bring on the space. If it is only for the decorating element, you can choose the best look without have to think about the other thing such as the storage space it has.

e. Material
Before you buy it, you should think about the material of the coffee table that you will buy. Wood, glass, metal, even concrete are available. You can choose it based on the style of your space.

f. Style
The style of the coffee table that you will buy must have the same style with the interior design. Just pick from the available style.

g. Scale
Everything that you will do must be prepared well including the right scale. I believe you don’t want to see your home comes crowded, right?

h. Alternatives
Who says bringing a new coffee tale means buy a new one. There are so many things out there that can be an alternative solution for you to get a good coffee table.

i. Small groupings
You can also combine some coffee tables together in the same area. This small grouping will bring a different look for the overall design

j. Shopping
The last thing that you should do after all of those tips to finding the perfect coffee table is make it real and go shopping.

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