13 Pretty Dressers for Eye-catching Decorating Idea

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Coral Dresser With Gold Pulls

A chest of drawers is the best organizing idea for every home. But for sure, we may not choose any kind of drawer to be used inside our home. Why? It is because of we must consider the better drawer to create well-designed interior. Maybe, some of you will think that it is very simple. And yes, it is so simple. But, it should be a complex simplicity.

In this post, you are going to see 13 images of pretty dressers which you can use to make eye-catching decorating idea. There will be blue pastel dresser which is very suitable to be put in a calm home interior design. It will bring much more harmony inside and everyone who are inside the house will feel the calm colorful design from the color scheme of the drawer.

Additionally, the jewel tones of the drawer also can be the better decorating idea to represent the elegance of your interior. If you want it more pretty, you can add such furnishings of the drawers. And you see from the pictures below that the result is absolutely great.

Electric Blue Changing Table

Electric Blue Dresser DIY

Emerald Green Dresser With White And Gold Pulls

Lime Green Dresser

Lime Green Dresser With Bronze Handles

Gallery of 13 Pretty Dressers for Eye-catching Decorating Idea

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