15 Awesome Bathroom Renovation Tips

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When you are bored with the atmosphere of your bathroom I think this is the best time for you to remodel your old bathroom. And, if you really have any ideas to do it, make sure you take a look at these 15 bathroom renovation tips. I believe it can help you to maximize the new appearance of your bathroom.

1. Budget
Budget is so important. Well, you must realize that when you are doing something like this, you have to spend a lot of money because there are so many things that you need to buy. I think it will be better for you to prepare the money and thinking how much money that you will spend to renovate your bathroom.

2. Time.
Many people think that renovation of a bathroom only needs a short time. But, actually it depends to what kind of renovation that you want to do. A big renovation with many change will take a longer time than a small renovation in your bathroom. So, making a good plan about the time duration is not a bad idea to do.

3. Works sequence
When you are working to remodel your bathroom you better to begin it from the upside. The roof is the first, then the wall, and floor. I believe you don’t want to see your new stuff and the renovation result damage, right?

4. Hidden problem
When you are making a big renovation you better discuss it with the professional designer. It is needed because you need to do everything from “zero”. It is almost like creating a new bathroom. And, if it is not done well I believe it will leave many hidden problems for your bathroom.

5. Design and Functionality
Making a renovation means you must prepare a good design and concept that will be used in changing your bathroom. But, in making these design we must also consider about the functionality. Don’t make a useless thing.

6. Measurements
There are three measurements that needed in this project before you remodel your bathroom. That are the size of bathroom (important to decide how much material you need), the location of the pipe, and the bathroom fixture.

7. Contractor
Use contractor to handle this problem is a good decision. You must not suddenly have headache because of it. This way can also help you save your time, but needs more money of course.

8. New utilities
A renovation means making something different including for the utilities such as shower, sink, faucet, toilet, and many more.

9. Storage system
When you decide to make something new I believe you will also consider about the storage space. Make a different touch to your shelve, cabinet, and another storage spaces can also help.

10. Flooring and walls
Changing the color of the wall is the easiest way to make a renovation. But, if you have enough budget you can also change the floor to get the new atmosphere.

11. Lighting
Make a new lighting by placing some new lamp or different set in the bathroom. Or, you can also use the natural light to replace the function of the lamp.

12. Accessories
When you don’t have much money to make a big renovation, a small renovation can be done to replace it and it can also result a good creation to the bathroom.

13. Ventilation
Ventilation is important for bathroom. But, you must think harder to find the right place for this. A good plan is needed about this ventilation.

14. Eco-friendly
In the global warming era like this, we must consider about the nature. Just use the Eco-friendly utilities. You can find it easily in the market.

15. Final clean
This thing is placed in the last bathroom renovation checklist because it must be done after the renovation ends. Final clean is very important because after the renovation there are so many thing that needs to be cleaned. You can ask for the professional, but you can also give a longer time and finish it by yourself.

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