18 Kinds of Pretty Sofa for Pretty Living Room

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Do you still confuse choosing a new sofa for your living room? Be careful, you have to choose the right sofa. So you will beautify your sofa, and do not make any mess in your living room because living room is the center of your home, and sofa is the center of your living room. If you have wonderful sofa you will be proud if there is guest sits on it. Besides that, you and your guest also will feel comfortable enjoying time in your living room. In the contrary, you will feel embarrassed if you choose a wrong sofa for your living room. Do not let it happen to you!

Here I would like to give you many kinds of sofas that can beautify your living room. I am specifically using sofa style by B&B Italia. It has many kinds of choices. Firstly, I am going to discuss kind of minimalist style. An L-shaped sofa can be in the color of white, while the end of the “L” can be a backrest-less sofa with zebra pattern on it. Do not forget to match the couch with the pillow. In order to match them you have to cover your pillow with white sheet or sheets that have zebra pattern on it. It looks so simple, but it is so modern. So it will be up to date.

Secondly, I will discuss sofa with colors. This style of sofa are usually in the simple shape of L or has buttons implanted at the sitting part of the couch. And, for the color, they are all in one color only. You have to match the color with the colors of the furniture in your home. These are for the example; a deep purple couch can be matched with a deep red painting hanged on the white wall. A rustic wall can be matched with the deep red of the couch as well. With the right mixing color your living room will be greatly different. Finally, take one sofa that match with the style of your living room. And, the pretty living room will be yours.

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Gallery of 18 Kinds of Pretty Sofa for Pretty Living Room
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