2 in 1 Toilet and Washbasin Combo

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Great Designs For Bathroom And Toilet By ROCA

What do people think about an Eco-friendly bathroom utility? The answer is about something that can help them fix the problem environment such including the bathroom utilities that have the functionality and luxury. There are so many bathroom utility design with the Eco-friendly concept that we have met. But, not all of them have something like this. This awesome toilet and washbasin combo can serve the functionality inside its wonderful shape. I believe it will give everything you want about it.

Making a bathroom for the people who live in a small area must be so challenging because they must consider more about the arrangement and space. But, after taking a look at this cute design, you will not think it that way because this bathroom utility. The W+W is created by a corporation from Spain, Roca. They create this bathroom utility with the wonderful design. Gabriele and Oscar Buratti are people behind this wonderful project. W+W means Washbasin + Watercloset. The designers create this utility with two in one concept. The sink is linked with the closet, so the water from the sink can be recycled for the closet need. This is the Eco-friendly concept that has been served by the designers for their customers.

The unique shape of this utility also gives another advantage for their customers. Because they bring two different functions in a tool, it means you don’t have to use too much space to cover it all. The L shape of this utility makes it seems more modern and minimalist. It will be great to be combined with the modern bathroom concept. The awesome design with the minimalist concept and water saving technology make this W+W unit comes very suitable to be used in the toilet on your homes, office, or might be on the public area. So, do you think this great designs for bathrooms and toilets are suitable with your home?

Great Designs For Bathrooms And Toilets By ROCA

Great Designs For Bathrooms And Toilets Combination

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great-designs-for-bathrooms-and-toilets-by ROCA

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