20 Pictures of Neon Lighting Design for Your Kitchen

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A Pop Of Green Neon Lighting Design For Home In A Modern Kitchen

What is in your mind by hearing of neon lighting design? It will show your style, isn’t it? In fact, this neon lighting design will more suitable to be placed in kitchen. So, here you are the ideas of neon lighting design for kitchen, especially in kitchens. Actually, there are many kinds of neon lighting design for home and kitchen. One of them are stated in Neon Lighting and the Kitchen Bar. We start by showcasing neon lighting that illuminates the bars and islands of the kitchen. In fact, many people relish the day when they can finally have a kitchen with an island. It’s undeniably radiant when the sides of a kitchen bar or island are illuminated. But what about the bottom? That’s exactly what you get in the kitchen bar below. This space is designed by Blueprint Designs, who put an emphasis on making this crucial room in the home a truly welcoming and social space.

It is not only that, Neon Lighting Under Kitchen Cabinets also great to be applied in your home. Neon lighting is also striking on the underside of cabinets, as shown in this 2011 award-winning kitchen designed by Mal Corboy. As you can see, blue is a fitting choice for the lighting, especially since it nicely complements azure evening views from the home’s expansive windows and sliding doors. In this case, blue-green is a perfect hue for the radiant space below. Lighting under kitchen cabinetry creates a fluorescent backsplash that helps set the color palette in the rest of the house. We’re crazy about the interplay of aqua green lighting with the prominent red coffee table in the nearby living room.

Moreover, you can try Neon Lighting Where You Least Expect It. We now turn our attention to neon lighting that shows up where you least expect it. In fact, sometimes the best way to include neon lighting in a room is to have it emanating from a nearby source. In the next image, neon lighting under the stairs adds life to this modern kitchen. Blue is the perfect choice for a space that is bathed in warm golden tones.

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