35 Inspiring and Eye Catching Backyard Pool Landscaping Ideas

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Above Ground Backyard Pool Landscaping Ideas

    Outdoor pools are many things: cool, comforting, refreshing and often quite beautifully done. But one thing they are for absolute certain is: luxurious. Homeowners with large backyards often have pools built-in to their landscape or when there is some extra funding available, they make one where they were none before. And that’s the beauty of an outdoor pool, it does more than just provide an oasis, it becomes the focal point of your backyard panorama.

    During the peak of the summer, there are few things nicer than being able to take a dip in the pool and relax in the water, maybe even floating along on an air mattress. Pools are also great for entertaining and when you have guests over for a pool party, it’s nice to offer a setting that is fun, elegant and stylish that extends beyond just the pool but into the garden. But even when the parties are done and the season is officially complete, there are still year round décor solutions to keep your outdoor pool and surrounding garden looking ready for a Homes and Gardens centerfold.

    For the right look, geometry and layout design is key. Pools come in a variety of shapes, some truly classic and some more modern: square or rectangle, kidney or circle and slight differences between them. Sometimes the shape and design of a pool can also be inspired by a region of the world: a Turkish bath style or an Asian-inspired koi pond lookalike. When you consider the style of pool you have and pay attention to its inspiration, it’s very easy to spread these design concept into other aspects of the backyard and garden.
    For example, you can work stones or tiles and even gravel paths around the pool or as a surrounding courtyard and this will fulfill two basic functions: expanding the area and making it more functional. Patio or bistro tables, chairs and benches; the outdoor pool is intended to be an area meant for socializing. But stretches of walkways and patches of well kept grass are not the only integral parts of adding to the shape and scenery.

    If your space is large, consider planting shrubbery and ideally, with flowering branches that will surprise you come spring. Aromatic brush like jasmine is an amazing addition to any outdoor oasis: the smell is lovely and pungent all at once; when in full swing and if planted correctly, jasmine can also give shade to a spot where the sun beats down a little too enthusiastically! Gardenia bushes are also a nice touch. You may also consider adding fruit trees to your backyard pool space. Providing healthy snacks, fragrant flower, shade and sustenance for years to come, it’s hard to go wrong when selecting hearty shrubbery for the garden.
    If drought is in an issue in your community and the only place you really care to use water is in the pool itself, consider arranging lovely rock gardens. Drier climes are excellent places to utilize breathtaking cactus and definitely give an exotic feel to your desert style oasis.

    You can also add a little variety by playing with texture. If the tile within the pool is smooth and modern, consider using materials that will exude the same effect on the pool’s exterior. Large flat flagstone looks nice when lines elsewhere are simpler. If the opposite is true and your pool itself is shaped eclectically, and you have garden décor and plants of various shapes and sizes or are highly textured themselves, aim for accoutrement that picks up these cues. The idea is to be imaginative. The pools which are pictured along this post use a combination of all the elements discussed here and yet retain a common theme: super luxe beauty.

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Gallery of 35 Inspiring and Eye Catching Backyard Pool Landscaping Ideas
Minimalist water spouts against smooth walls, pared with angular lines and contemporary pieces of furniture are very hip and modern. An excellent take on the pool and garden that inspires ideas of a fountain of youth.
Keep clean lines and little fanfare for the uber modern look. But, place a touch of familiarity with background displays like this clever stone tiki bar

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