36 Christmas Decoration Ideas for your Home

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Pupular Colors 2013

  • Teal and Red
    One of the color trends for this year in Christmas decoration ideas is the combination of teal and red. While not as rigidly complimentary as the red-green color scheme, teal does contain some green and so creates an unexpected, yet still traditional, color combination.
  • Purple and Pastels
    Pastel colours are also being used in Christmas decoration ideas, especially purple and white. Purple can be combined with any metallic, gold silver or copper as well as any other neutral shades such as navy or brown.
  • Ornaments
    There are many different types of ornaments that can be purchased ready made, but making or modifying your own, adds a more personal touch. Even plain Christmas ball ornaments can be added to, with different types of paint, glue and trims. Clear ornaments have been popular in recent years and can be enhanced either by filling them with sparkle or colored papers, by swirling paint inside, or by adding glitter to the outside. Ornaments can also be created with things found around the house such as paper formed with rivets or even tape into holiday shapes.
  • Décor
    One way that you can Christmas-ize décor you may already own, is to customize cushion covers. Felt is a fabric that doesn’t fray when cut and can itself be made from yarn fibers “felted” into fabric. Print out a silhouette of you favorite Christmas image to use as a template, cut out a felt version and adhere it to a cushion front for instant Christmas-ization!Felt has many uses; because it clings to itself, it is often used for storyboards in elementary level classrooms. Try using it on walls or play tables for décor or even advent calendars. Many of us have picture frames lining console tables and covering our walls, for the holidays, try replacing a few photos with holiday images. There are many stock images that can be found online or you can try inserting a piece of your favorite Christmas paper or a Christmas card. If you want to change the color of your frames for the holidays you can wrap the frames themselves either with paper, yarn, or even by painting them if you don’t mind a permanent change. If you’re not keen on swapping out pictures you can also wrap the entire frame to look like a very thin present hanging on the wall.
  • Dining
    Two easy ways to enhance the festiveness of your table are napkin rings and chair covers. Napkin rings can be made from anything Christmas-y you have around the house: wrapping paper, ornaments, holly, origami shapes, pine sprigs, pine cones, paper snow flakes, or more, even felt! To attach them you can use anything from ribbons and twine to appropriately colored hair elastics.
    “Chair covers” can be as simple as a ribbon or a strip of tulle tied around a chair’s back, or as elaborate as a full cover designed to mirror santa’s iconic hat. While centerpieces are wildly used and adored at all times of the year, at Christmas with all it’s culinary delights and indulgences, centerpieces can sometimes take up needed table real estate. One way to add décor to your tabletop that won’t get in the way is with a table runner. Burlap is very popular lately in décor and many fabric stores sell Christmas themed fabric to use, in a pinch, even wrapping paper will work and it doesn’t need washing.
    A table runner is more decorative than a full tablecloth because it runs only along the center, to bring focus from either side of the table to the center and promote conversation. Basically it functions as a centerpiece that spans the whole length of the table and still allows for food to be served family style.Hopefully some of these ideas will help you to easily decorate this holiday, so that you can free up some time to spend with your loved ones. Happy Holidays.

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Gallery of 36 Christmas Decoration Ideas for your Home

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