3D Wall Panels in your Home

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3d Wall Decor In A Living Room

There are many was to spice up the walls of your home, you can paint them, you can cover them with wallpaper, you can use wainscoting and chair-rails and you can even clad them in fabric, but, a previously commercial wall covering idea, is now growing in popularity in every residential area. Many companies are now producing textured 3D wall panels that can be used in any room of your home and even as a back-splash, depending on the material. These 3D wall panels can be made from Gypsium components, wood or the fibrous residue left from sugarcane stalks. WallArt Company does this.

  • These panels are mainly used as an accent on the wall in a particular space, in place of having one wall of the room painted in a different color or cladded in a large-scale wallpaper, as it has been done for the past decade or so. These 3D wall panels can also be used in smaller spaces, to clad the front of a bar or kitchen island, as a backsplash, to create interest on a wall section between the cabinets and the ceiling, in just one area of a wall to serve as a headboard for a bed or to bring an architectural interest to a dry-walled column or any other architectural outcropping. Because of the 3D texture of these panels they are especially eye grabbing when they are up-lit, perhaps in a multistory space or lit by colored LED strip lighting as a backsplash or bar-front.
  • More playful 3D wall panels work great in children’s rooms as a great textural focal point. You should try to avoid projecting them too far into the room, to prevent your children from climbing them. The more traditional or modern panels that can add a special aesthetic to your space, while keeping your current furnishings.
  • One of the benefits of using these 3D wall panels is that they can be painted. You can subdue their look by painting them to match the color of the rest of the room, creating the optical illusion that shapes are pressing through one wall. Or if you really enjoy having a focal point wall, you can accentuate the panels/tiles by painting that wall in a different color or by adding color changing LED lighting strips, for a focal wall that can change color according to your mood or activity.
  • Modular Art produce wall tiles, panels and blocks from cast rock gypsum components with a plant-based foam core, that creates a fire-safe wall, adhered with Ceramic tile Caulking, tile sealer and drywall anchors. Any wood cladding products can be flammable if not treated and most are not recommended for use near heating sources or in damp areas, (this is why ceramic and laminate tiles for bathrooms come in wood textures), please check your local building code guidelines for the use of wooden 3D wall panels. Depending on the outset guidelines and the style, paneling adhesive or nailing (or both) can be used to set the panels. The sugarcane residue walls made by the WallArt Company must be set with caulking, adhesive and contact cement.

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Gallery of 3D Wall Panels in your Home

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