4 ingenious Ways to make better use of your Basement

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Man Cave Basement

Is your basement a dumping ground for the broken treadmill, books that you will probably never read and clothes that the children have outgrown? If so, now is the time to make a change and utilize this precious space. Not everyone is blessed with a basement and if you are one of the lucky few, put it to good use.

Before you get started:

Plan the renovation

If you have a basement that is not finished, it is advisable to hire a structural engineer and complete the work. Read the safety guidelines carefully and ensure that you have an exit plan in case of an emergency. Finishing a basement is not a DIY job so leave it for the experts. Install ceiling fans for better air circulation.

Here are a few ideas to help you get creative:

1. Create a guest bedroom

If you are always short on space when house guests arrive during the holidays, then a part of your basement can easily be converted into a cozy space to accommodate more people. After all, house guests mean double holiday fun! When you’re planning a basement bedroom make sure that it’s well ventilated. Basements can feel dark and dingy; recess lighting and light paint will help in making it brighter and more cheerful. Your guests can feel lost if the entire basement is a bedroom. Instead, cordon off an area with dry walls for a cozy feel.

2. Take time off in the game room

This is the best area in your home to create a family room, complete with snooker tables, a home theater and gaming equipment. To convert your basement into a game room for the family, keep it as one large open space. Divide it into sections with lounging furniture and game tables. Paint the walls in a dark but luxurious shade like royal blue to close in the expanse of the basement. Get a plumber to fit out a bathroom.

3. Convert it into a gym

Are you too lazy to walk or drive to the gym? A home gym will give you a reason to move a few muscles without the inconvenience of stepping out of your home. Invest in a few workout machines and other equipment. Choose a rubber or cork flooring and layer it with wall to wall carpeting for extra comfort. Install full length mirrors and extra lights. Pick bold colors to keep yourself energized and moving.

And while you’re at it, treat yourself to a basement sauna. You will be surprised that it costs much less than you might think and will give you a reason to go down into the basement.

4. A bit of everything

Your basement is a magical place that can accommodate almost all your whims and fancies. With a number of people working from home, a part of the basement could serve as a peaceful home office. If you always wanted a wine cellar, to house your wine collection, look no further than your basement. Finally, convert a part of your basement into a bar complete with high stools and a rugged man cave look. Choose upholstery that is functional yet matches your style. You can also create an extra storage area in the basement.

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