4 Interesting Materials to use for Kitchen Counters

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Kitchen In Luxury Home With St 16568441

Over the years, kitchen counters have evolved into pieces of art for the kitchen. They are no longer just counters, but important focal points in the kitchen that give the kitchen character and charisma. Stone has been the most popular choice for kitchen counters but in the modern day, the most unexpected materials have been fabricated into much loved kitchen décor pieces.

Stainless steel kitchen counters

Once upon a time, the only place one could imagine a stainless steel kitchen counter was in a professional restaurant kitchen. But with the increasing interest in bringing in an industrial feel at home, stainless steel kitchen counters have found their way into personal kitchens. Stainless steel is easy to maintain, durable and easy to clean. Stainless steel counters add a slick and sleek look to the kitchen. The stainless steel ages over time and develops a beautiful patina that adds to the character of the kitchen. A stainless steel counter top can be very expensive, as this will need to be custom fabricated.

Recycled paper kitchen counters

Does paper used as a kitchen counter top sounds counter intuitive to you? Well, this is really happening and recycled paper is emerging as an eco – friendly option to use in the modern day kitchen. These counter tops are created from paper fibers mixed with resin which gives it durability and strength. It is much lighter than most of the other materials and it’s waterproof. A paper counter can help in reducing your kitchen’s carbon footprint if that is your renovating goal.

Marble kitchen counter tops

The sheer elegance of a marble counter tops can take your kitchen from the usual to classy. No other material can match the glamor of a marble counter top. Marble by nature is cooling and therefore very well suited for kitchens. Designer Meg Caswell of the Meg’s Great Rooms fame talks to HGTV about marble counter – “Carrera marble has an elegant look that goes with everything. People shy away from marble because they think it can be hard to keep up, but it’s actually an extremely lasting material, and history proves it: Europeans have been using it for thousands of years! Sure, it absorbs stains, but I think that just adds to its pretty patina“.

Butcher Block counter tops

If you are thinking of updating your traditional cottage style country kitchen, then a butcher block counter top will look sophisticated and befitting. The butcher block adds a warm, cozy feel to the kitchen which is inviting as well as refreshing. Although the surface will scratch easily, over time these scratches will add to the character of its well-used look. Butcher block counters are being used along with stone counter tops to give the kitchen a two toned look. A mix of materials also makes it easier to care for the butcher block which requires regular polishing and sanding.

Wonderful White Marble Kitchen Countertop

Ultra Modern Kitchen Interior Wooden Countertop

Modern Kitchen Interior With Stone Countertops

Metal Stainless Steel Countertop

Luxury Kitchen CounterTop

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