40 Truly Impressive Modern Front Yard Landscape Design Ideas

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Autumn Modern Front Yard Landscape Design Ideas

When guests to your home come strolling up to your front door, the first thing that will greet them will be the face of your home, and that face is your garden. A garden will be the first impression a visitor will make; the way you keep your garden communicates how you keep your life, or at the very least, how you maintain your abode. So really, when you begin to landscape your front garden, you must ask yourself: what sort of impression do I look to make? Am I tidy gardener with fastidious lines and traditional design? Or am I a bit more eccentric, with plumes of wild flowers and exotic trees or shrubbery? Does my garden change design theme from season to season? Am I a minimalist where all that matters is a swath of bright green, painstakingly kept grass? Like every other aspect of your home, your garden should do one thing for certain: act as an extension of who you are.

In this post, as we do in most of our others, we have provided a cavalcade of inspiring images for your perusal. If you want modern front yard landscape designs, you’ve come to the right place. From the contemporary to the exotic, your greenery will come to life in a new way once you implement some of these lovely design options.

We encourage you to break out of the box of traditional or even modern front yard design ideas by incorporating aspects out front that you would typically use in the back: stone waterfalls, ponds, torches, solar powered stone walkways will look twice as a nice proudly displayed in your front yard. Remember, modern gardens can be adaptable and fun and even if your home is rustic, classical or contemporary, there are hundreds of idea concepts that exist to embellish your front yard garden.

So, are you ready to begin renovating?

Beautifull House Modern Front Yard Landscape Design Ideas

Beautiful Modern Front Yard Landscape Design Ideas

Black Yard Modern Front Yard Landscape Design Ideas

Contemporary Modern Front Yard Landscape Design Ideas

Country Style Modern Front Yard Landscape Design Ideas

Gallery of 40 Truly Impressive Modern Front Yard Landscape Design Ideas
Layer up with trees and shrubs and stacked rock gardens to accentuate your front yard. Install a pond for a look that is even closer to nature and lends a real sense of ambiance.
If your yard already has an abundance of trees, your best bet for an accompanying garden is one that is sparse so it is easy for you to maintain year round. A few installed plants or shrubs on a neatly plotted parcel of land. Use gravel or soil as shown here for a simple yet pleasant effect.
Caption: Play with lines when it comes to your walkway and use bright stones to liven things up. Split fork pathways, even if they double back again and end up at the same place make for a creative twist on an old tradition.
If you live in a ranch style house, you can add a lot of grandeur by installing gargantuan trees. Work with your climate; more tropical climes will appreciate a massive palm; if you live further north, go for oak or maple. Break up the arbor, and accentuate corners with landscaped shrubs of various sizes. It breaks up the monotony nicely and makes your oasis seem lush.
Rows of conical shaped trees give a beautiful feel to an elegant home. Closely cropped shrubbery adds to the neat lines. Immaculately landscaped shrubs are also very rustic looking.
Keeping a cut lawn will always make your front yard look seriously inviting, but adorning it with a minimal use of bushes and delicate potted plants will really make it pop.
A little goes a long way with curvy garden plots like this one. Buxom and beautiful flowers dot the landscape and dark mulch or soil will make them stand really stand out. This is an especially creative concept for homes that don’t have plenty of front real estate or if you like to incorporate small gardens to accentuate big lawns.
Desert climes will do well for front yards that have little plant life and mostly just decorative rock placement. Using colored sands is beautiful but they are also functional as they do wonders at keeping pests at bay.
Erecting a small stone wall in front of your home and then topping it with a layer of bushes and flowers will make your first impression much grander.
Gravel gardens are excellent solutions for front yard designs. They look rather pleasant and when combined with bushes and trees placed strategically throughout/ Also makes for a great security measure as it makes intruders easy to hear.
Highly manicured shrubbery with starbursts of flora cover this front yard. You can break up the space with well placed stones or gravel patches. You may even consider using an exotic color of bark to really pep things up!
An easy way to make an entryway or front yard garden more dramatic and impressive is to install bushes, hedges or shrubs. If you landscape them well, it shows your fastidious nature and definitely gives a feel for the luxurious. Adorn with columns or heavy statues to improve the overall look.
When there’s lots of space in your front yard or if your home has a hidden entryway, you can get highly creative with a modern flair by laying a sidewalk that plays up hard angles and is separated by lines of neatly shorn grass.
Keep design clean around your steps with short growing grass and trees that do well under a landscaper’s tough. Keep things really simple by adorning your walkway with one or two boulders to tie it all in.
Often times, strong designs are achieved by repetitive pattern and colorblocking. You don’t have to keep things boxed in though; play with the lines of your front yard perimeter with plants, stone or soils.
If you already have a mapped out lawn, improve its overall look by installing a few plants around the edges of the grass. They’ll take hold easily and they’re easy to upkeep.
Make a little serpentine shaped garden beneath your main window at the front of your home; shape your shrubs and make them stand out with the use of lamps strategically placed.
If the overall style of your home is one of contemporary clean lines and traditional Americana style, then install a picket fence. You can go with white or get more creative with colors. Adorn your yard with annual flowers that will grow well and return each season to your delight.
Patios and terraces do not have to be relegated to the back yard of your home. If you’re the type to host often, creating more space where guests can sit and chat is always ideal. Layout luxurious tile, decorate with potted plants or trees, set up a café table and chair and your new, more welcoming front yard is complete.
Utilize a well thought out design plan to maintain clean lines and utilize space most efficiently with shaped sectional gardens that will break up the monotony of your front yard.
This is an example of the ideal landscape for a front yard. It elegantly incorporates a stone pathway with abstract design and light posts that will illuminate your front yard for evening guests. Beautiful shrubs and flowers are strategically placed at angles throughout the front garden to round out the entire appeal.
Walkways don’t have to be plain and rectangular masses; turn your walkway into a swirling, curvy path for added effect. Adorn the sides with brush that flowers to make a stroll through feel like a walk through an English garden. Suspended lighting from a nearby tree is a nice touch and most unexpected.
Embellish your front yard with a rock waterfall and gravel surrounding. You can purchase gravel of varying sizes to add another lay of texture. Plants that do well in rocky terrain will make for a lovely addition to liven things up.
Desert getaways for homes built on a hill are exotically beautiful. Light color soils or sands or multi-colored stones will make your floral patches come alive. Use your imagination when you plant these varieties.
Rock and mulch front yards are a cheap way to improve your property value. This contemporary, simplistic front yard design leaves a lot of room for imaginative ideas.
An elegant solution to altering your front yard from the so-so to ‘so impressive’ is to incorporate stone walls. They look especially flattering against brick facades and you can play around with their height and their angles to really make them stand out.
For homes that have a western flair, it’s best to design your front yard with exotic succulents and other plants that require little to no rainwater to maintain themselves. If you want to keep things clean, keep your plants lowlying for the most part with pops of tall cacti or sparse trees.
Use tall hedges to embellish your front yard walkways on one side and on the other, insert bushes or tall flowers to balance things out. Insert flagstone or flat stones for your walkway to up your dramatic appeal.
Consider the elegance of an English style garden; a small gate, plenty of bushes, simple flowers and lots of well placed stones and non flowering plants.
The super sleek and very modern front yard of this home uses small but shapely gravel pathways to adorn the landscape. The bright manicured lawn is the central focus and for homes where the climate will allow such growth, keeping other design ideas simplistic are beautiful front yard additions without question.
Landscape your bushes and trees into funky eclectic designs to make your home stand out on your block. You can utilize massive hedges to make the front of your home more private if that’s what you like, too.
Play up a plain concrete sidewalk by adding flowers and plants along the edges; adorn with solar powered lamps to light the way at night and accoutrement like placards or gnomes to add a personal finishing touch.
A mulch walkway with circular stones is a dramatic way to welcome guests. A fountain off center will draw the eye to other parts of the yard and will also act as another wonderful spot for personalized décor. Take the elegant feel of a fountain and encircle it with stones and shrubbery to make it stand out.
An excellent concept for those who don’t have the strongest green thumb; dig a little trench for mulch and soil and then insert small plants evenly spaced from each other. Repeat the pattern for the most striking effect.
For the ultra modern home, the very clean liens of a sand filled front yard with the placement of a few cacti or non flowering tree will be a very exotic, appealing look for your home.
For front yards that have massive driveways, you can add real drama by installing hedgerows. They lend a sense of privacy and the super luxurious appearance makes your home feel quite rich. The hedgerows are a major focal point so keeping the rest of your landscape minimal keeps everything looking clean.
The entryway to your home can be turned into a parlor-style sitting area replete with eye catching plants, bistro seating and garden statues to suit your taste. Enjoying some time chatting with friends so close to your garden would be enhanced by the planting of aromatic flowers nearby.
Brick pillared pergolas with hanging vines and plants, plenty of seating and bright flowers will make your front yard an inviting place for you to congregate with family and friends.
It’s time to layer up with rocks and stones! Start by laying flat stones as your patio floor, edge up to your garden with bricks and fill in the negative space with gravel or smaller stones. Bring out the natural feel with mulch and soil, add plants and voila! A new and exciting front yard design is born.
Brick walkways with high grasses are inviting and warm. Place a bench along your path for a nice place to sit and watch the day go by. Spruce the front yard up with sculpted bushes for a more artistic look.

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