5 decorating Tips to make a large Room feel cozier

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We have often come across people who are looking for solutions to make their small rooms appear larger. But very often, we also meet people who fret about their palatial homes lacking warmth and coziness. It is important to create a balance to make your home feel warm and welcoming.

Here are five decorating tips to help you deal with large rooms:

Choose the right color to paint

This is one of the most important decorating tips we can give. Using the correct shade of paint is by far the easiest technique to make a room feel cozy and warm. When painting a larger room, choose dark, but warm shades, like yellows, oranges, deep reds. You can also experiment with black. Darker colors tend to pull the walls inwards, thus making the space feel cozier. Another great idea is to divide the wall into two, by horizontally painting it in two shades. This breaks the vast expanse of a single shade of color.

Divide the room with furniture

Instead of leaving empty spaces in the room, divide the room by strategically placing furniture. A daybed can be used to divide a large seating space in the living room making the seating arrangement feel tightly knit. In a large bedroom use the corner to create a cozy reading space, by placing a large armchair, ottoman and a floor lamp. This will visually divide the room into two separate areas.

Make bare walls the center of attention

Have a collection of photographs from your trip to the Andes? Put your pictures to use and utilize the dead space on the walls to personalize a large room. Create a gallery wall to show off your prized possessions. You can also hang interesting tapestries and large sized paintings on the wall. A filled wall will call for attention and draw the eye inward. Avoid hanging mirrors on the wall in a large room.

Avoid small patterns

Go bold with the patterns you use on the upholstery, rugs and wallpapers. Large patterned rugs are a great way to divert the attention from the high ceilings and focus on the floor. Avoid using stripes on your wallpaper and drapes. Stripes tend to add height and width and will make a large room appear even larger. Add texture with faux fur and natural fibers.

Choose the right furniture

Small furniture in a large space will feel as if it is floating without an anchor. If you have always dreamt of a sleigh bed or a chesterfield sofa, by all means invest in one. Large, ornate furniture will create focal points in the room that will make it feel grand and warm at the same time. Instead of placing the furniture against the wall, place it in the center of the room anchored around a large area rug. Avoid upholstery fabrics that are shiny like silk and polyester which can make the room feel cold, instead opt for plush materials like velvet and chenille.

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