5 Factors to consider before buying a Sofa

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Buying a sofa is a big decision both for your pocket and your design goals. It is a long term investment that should be made with care. With the wide variety of designs available today, you will quickly realize you are spoiled for choice. So, whether you are narrowing down on a choice online or visiting stores, here are five important factors to help you make a good choice:

Consider the size:

Perhaps, the most important factor when buying a sofa, which we all often tend to ignore, is the size. A large one in a small room can make it look lopsided, whereas a small one will make the room feel under –furnished. So before you splurge on a sofa that you truly love, measure the space in your room and then measure the sofa. Don’t just consider the length, also keep in mind the depth.

Consider the shape:

The shape and size of the sofa go together. Depending on the amount of space in your room, choose a shape that looks good. An L-shaped one will work well in a large room that needs to be visually divided into sections. A love seat is a slightly large two seat sofa that will compliment a small room. You could also buy two love seats and place them facing each other. A curved sofa will soften the look of your room and is great for a feminine touch.

Consider the upholstery material:

Leather is hard-wearing, suede is not, although microfiber, which looks like it, is very durable. Give a good deal of thought to the upholstery material on the sofa of your choice. If you have a house with kids and pets, choose one which is more durable and easy to clean like leather. Velvet, suede and damask are luxurious choices but require time and effort to maintain. Another option can be sofas that come with slip covers that can be easily washed and dry cleaned. Consider your options and make a wise decision.

Consider the comfort and quality:

Your favorite sofa might appear plush and inviting but will the comfort last? A sofa is not a piece of furniture that can be changed every season (unless of course you belong to the Trump clan). Look for a sofa that is comfortable and durable. A good quality sofa should have a very good quality frame. Test the sofa for comfort and quality and don’t be shy to ask questions about the filling.

Consider your design aesthetics:

Do you plan on creating a Zen- style living room? If yes, then a sofa with clean straight lines would suit your décor rather than an ornate Victorian style. Visualize your chosen sofa in your living room or better still, use online software to create a 3D image of your living room with the sofa. Shop around a bit to discover your personal style before picking one that is just trendy. Your sofa can easily become the focal point in your room, so don’t be afraid to pick bold colors rather than neutral ones.

More tips:

Modern-Purple-Sofa-Sofa-Ideas-White-LampDon’t be afraid to pick a bright, bold color.

Grey L shaped sofaL-shaped sofas can visually divide a large room.

Slipcovered sofaSofas with slip covers are a good idea for homes with kids and pets.

Cosy LoveseatConsider buying a loveseat if your room is short on space.

Living-room-with-colorful-walls-and-black-furniture-LaurieFlower-070Leather sofas are easy to maintain and durable.

living-room-with-purple-wallsChoose a luxurious material like velvet for a sophisticated feel.

Feminine-Living-Rooms-LaurieFlower-060Choose a sofa according to your personal style and design aesthetics.

Gallery of 5 Factors to consider before buying a Sofa
Cosy Loveseat
Slipcovered sofa
Grey L shaped sofa

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