5 Steps to turn your Bathroom into a Spa

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Bamboo Bathroom

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and what better way to celebrate than with a hot bubble bath and a bottle of pink champagne? But, before you head off into wonderland, you could give your bathroom a refreshing and luxurious make over for the special day. It is the perfect way to calm your senses and add a romantic vibe to your bathroom.

Turn your bathroom into a spa like retreat in five easy steps and don’t forget to share your creations!

Step 1: Clean it well and de-clutter

It may sound obvious but clean your bathroom inside out before you start setting it up into a spa retreat! Disinfect your bathtub and scrub your floors. Do away with any clutter on the bathroom counters which includes your cleaning products, old magazines, empty shampoo bottles etc. De-cluttering will make the bathroom appear visually more appealing and inviting.

Step 2: Create romantic lighting

Correct lighting is essential for a great time and a relaxing atmosphere. Switch off the overhead light as it casts dark shadows on the ground. Instead, replace the light bulbs in the wall fixtures with low wattage ones, to create dim lighting. Alternatively, you can place a couple of floor lamps in the bathroom for your special setting. Supplement this light by placing candles and tea-lights all around the bathroom. The soft glow of the candles will create a feeling of warmth.

Step 3: Bring in some elements of nature

Green is the most soothing color found in nature. It is easy on the eyes and will help you relax. Most spas are painted in shades of green for this reason. But you can add green to your bathroom by placing house plants. Add texture you the bathroom by placing plush, freshly laundered and rolled up cotton towels in wicker baskets. Place your toiletries in a tray made of bamboo or sea grass.

Step 4: Entice your sense of smell

Of the five senses, pamper your sense of smell with aromatherapy. Scents play a huge role in setting up a spa like feel so do not ignore your scented candles and aromatherapy essentials. Choose a scent that is relaxing like lavender, or refreshing like citrus. Place an aromatic reed diffuser and burn scented candles in a scent of your choice. Add bath salts to your bath water.

Step 5: Make it feel luxurious

Finally, when you have everything in place, finish off your spa bathroom with small but romantic details. Bring in your bar trolley and set up a wooden bath tub tray. Place an ice bucket with chilled champagne and flutes. You can also hang a couple of luxurious silk robes. Invest in mesmerizing toiletries and products like sea sponges and wooden scrub brushes that look visually appealing. Fill your bath with water and float some rose petals. No spa retreat is complete without soft music so make sure you have your iPod docked in place with a good playlist.

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Bamboo Bathroom

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