550 Square Foot artistic clutter Apartment

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Black Flat Tv With Rack Book On The White Wall Also Purple Flower Vase And Blue Door

You don’t need to live in an overly big apartment to feel cozy, warm and homey. Even in limited spaces, in small areas, you can still enjoy life and different activities, if you know what to do. This artistic apartment is proof that you don’t need a big space to create a harmonious and stylish design and décor in your home. This may be another apartment, with lots of lovely and artistic home accessories, placed everywhere, but hey, look at the black hardwood flooring which is just perfectly combined with the white walls.

This cozy apartment is designed in the so called artistic clutter model. It once belonged to Johanna Laskey, a talented interior designer, it’s located in Stockholm and the total area is only of 550 square feet. The artistic clutter model refers to the fact that you can find almost anything in it. It is like a melting pot for designers, you can find photographs, paintings, books and prints – as well as other stuff – scattered around in almost a messy arrangement. But the mess is the main aspect because it’s what makes this space look inhabited. After all, real people make real mess, so why should you be bothered by it?

The dominant color is white, perfect to deliver a roomy and spacious atmosphere. Other colors are mixed in with small accessories and accents. As you can see, the combination between the white walls, white sofa, black chair, pale white wooden floors, colorful cushions and dark rugs make the living room look simple, yet highly artistic. The concept of black and white is also incorporated to create a stylish and sophisticated effect. The kitchen, for instance, has white walls and a black glossy floor, making the small space look bigger and roomier than it really is. You can easily spoil yourself sitting in the cozy small chair while waiting for your meals.

Black Telephone On The White Wall With White Board And Many Shoes And Bags Also Large Mirror

Ceramics Wall With Many Board And Many Plats Also White Refrigerator And Stainless Steel Washbowl

Circle Wooden Table With Black Chair And White Sofa Complete With Many Pillows And White Cupboard And Black Standing Lamp

Green Flower On The Small Wooden Table With Double Size Bed And Small Rack Book On The White Wall

Green Flower With White Chair And Wooden Table Also Black Wooden Floor And Many Picture On The Gray Wall

Gallery of 550 Square Foot artistic clutter Apartment
many tools kithchen on the board and on the ceramics wall also with white cupboard and white refrigerator
motif pillows with black chair and white sofa also black table and green plant with glass windows
ceramics wall with many board and many plats also white refrigerator and stainless steel washbowl
white lamp with wooden table and white chair also with white standing lamp and picture on the gray wall
small rack book beside double size bed with gray and white blanket also many pillows on the wooden table
black flat tv with rack book on the white wall also purple flower vase and blue door
wooden table and white chairs with stainless steel material on the black floor and many pictures on the gray wall
black telephone on the white wall with white board and many shoes and bags also large mirror
many books on the white table with small white standing lamp and small flower vase also white chair
white table with small standing lamp and white chair also many notes on the white wall
white wall and white floor with opened blue door and black chair also black carpet
green flower on the small wooden table with double size bed and small rack book on the white wall
green flower with white chair and wooden table also black wooden floor and many picture on the gray wall
many art decor in the wall and with white cupboard also with white sofa and many pillows also black chair and table
circle wooden table with black chair and white sofa complete with many pillows and white cupboard and black standing lamp

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