Kitchen Wall Art

7 Ideas To Add Personality To Your Kitchen: Kitchen Wall Art
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Post Title: 7 Ideas To Add Personality To Your Kitchen

Category: Home Decor Ideas

Data Uploaded: Sunday, September 21, 2014

Uploaded by: Laura Madalene

Gallery of Kitchen Wall Art
A floor rug or runner will instantly perk up your kitchen.
Keep fresh fruits, flowers and herbs on display in the kitchen for a clean, airy vibe.
Create space for a small, cozy breakfast nook in the kitchen.
Paint the pantry door in a bright color for a pop of excitement.
Cheer up blank walls with wall art.
Wall art and floor rugs will add oodles of personality to any drab kitchen.
Add a coat of paint to your kitchen cabinets.
Take the cabinet doors off for an open space to display your collections.
Replace your old faucets with swanky new ones.