8 creative Ideas for a fancy Kid’s Bedroom

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When it comes to planning the décor for a kid’s bedroom, you have to consider that children can be tough customers. They live in a world of color, fantasy and dreams and it is important that they feel cocooned in enjoyable surroundings. When your designing your child’s bedroom, make sure you involve him in the discussion. After all, it is going to be their sanctum sanctorum.

Here are eight creative ideas to get you started:

1. Burst of color

Children love colors. Colors radiate energy, warmth and happiness that encompasses the childhood. No kid’s bedroom should be bereft of a multitude of colors. Instead of all bright colors, devise a color scheme in a mix of bright and pastel shades. A multi colored room will also help camouflage the colorful mess of toys, books and clothes.

2. Cheerful storage solutions

You do not need a sophisticated storage system for your child’s bedroom, you just need creative ideas. Look for bright and functional storage bins that can be easily shoved under the bed or in the closet. Look for innovative storage solutions, it will make your life easier.

3. Bring in the outdoors

Bring the outdoors indoors for your child. Children love energetic activities and if you are in an area where playing outside is not possible most part of the year, then consider adding such activities in the room. In older children’s rooms you could add a swing, hung from the ceiling, or even a basic climbing wall (as long as there is suitable padding beneath it of course.)

4. Create a secret corner

Encourage your child to feel independent and get creative ideas by conceiving a secret corner in the room. This doesn’t have to be elaborate. You can clear out a closet and place a desk and a comfy beanbag chair inside. Add a few creative decorations and throw in some toys. The child can use this space for make believe play or to retire for a bit of reading.

Designer Ann Wolf says. “It’s a private, magical little space at the heart of the house, where you imagination can run wild“.

5. Use chalk paint

You cannot stop the scribbling on the wall but you can channel it to one area. Paint an entire wall with black chalk paint and let your child unleash his creative ideas!

6. Create multiple levels

Bunk beds are a big hit with kids because they are exciting. At the same time bunk beds help in efficiently utilizing the space in the bedroom. For an older child, consider swapping the single bed for a bunk bed and use the floor space for a creative corner, a study corner and a window seat.

7. Add an element of fantasy

Children thrive on fantasy from pirates to unicorns and everything in between. Encourage your child to indulge in activities other than TV, iPad or video games by adding a fantasy feature in the room. You can create a corner performance stage, a rope bridge or even a tree house inside the room.

8. Add a canopy over the bed

Every child needs a feeling of security when sleeping in their own bed. For older children, consider adding a canopy over their beds. Not only that it looks fancy, but it will help the child believe that he/she is secure within the confines of a fairy tale kingdom!

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