8 Tips on how to choose the Colors for your Kitchen Cabinets

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Selecting a color for your kitchen cabinets can be tricky. However, if you consider a few things, the process becomes a breeze. Let’s look at a few tips that will help you choose a great color for your kitchen cabinets:

Choosing the Right Color Shade

The first thing to consider when choosing a color for kitchen cabinets is the shade of the color. In most cases, a lighter shade will work. However, lighter hues are sometimes dominated by other elements of a kitchen. If you have light colors all around the kitchen, you should consider going for a darker shade for the cabinets. Sometimes the same color in a different shade can make a huge difference.

Compare All Elements

Before selecting a color for the cabinets, be sure to consider the other elements of your kitchen. Even though you are focusing on cabinets, the entire kitchen has to appear as a single unit. Each element has to complement the other. If this is not taken into account, all the other aspects of the kitchen will seem out of place.

Buying Supplies

Before buying supplies, be sure to run your idea by other individuals. Sometimes you may be so obsessed with a color that you overlook its negative aspects. You may not even notice the fact if it’s complementing the rest of the kitchen or not. Therefore, getting candid feedback regarding your color choice is helpful.

Considering Available Resources

Sometimes you may not even need to change the color of the cabinets at all. Adding a curtain or colored glass can give them a great new appearance. This may save you money as well as give your kitchen the appearance you want.

Take Into Account the Room Lighting

If you have plenty of natural light in your kitchen then light colors may not work for you. On the other hand, dark colors may appear gaudy in ambient lighting. The best thing to do here is to use dark colors to counter the daylight effect. To make the colors stand out in the evening, you can use neon ambient lighting or something similar.

Don’t Shy Away From Bold Colors

Most people are reluctant to use bold colors for their kitchen cabinets. However, if bold colors are used in consideration with the rest of the kitchen, they can give your kitchen a distinct appearance. If you want to experiment with bold colors for your kitchen cabinets, be sure to involve someone who can give you candid feedback.

Consider a Focus Wall

If you want to give your kitchen cabinets a star appearance in your kitchen, consider a focus wall. Color the cabinets in a light color and the wall behind them in a bold color. This will make your cabinets the star of your kitchen. Moreover, it will seem as if the entire kitchen was given a remodel.

Consider Color Combinations

There are instances when you may tend to get confused between a few color options. In this case, you can use all the colors you love. For instance, if you have six cabinets in your kitchen, you can color each cabinet in a different color. Just make sure that each color complements the other and you will have funky looking cabinets in your favorite colors.

If you follow these tips down to the last detail, you will find the best color for your kitchen cabinets.

yellow kitchenIf you have less natural light and warmer ambient lighting, then you can go for a lighter shade in cabinet colors. Source

violet kitchenWith the right type of ambient lighting, you can even make darker colors look great. Of course darker colors will make your cabinets stand out even in natural light. Source

blue kitchenMake your cabinets the star of your kitchen, by coloring them in a lighter color and highlight them by coloring the wall behind them in a darker shade. Source

grey kitchenIt is not necessary to go for a contrast in color schemes. Simply using a lighter shade of the same color can bring about a great appearance to your kitchen cabinets. Source

denim kitchenDark-colored kitchen cabinets give your kitchen a warm appearance in natural lighting. Source

cream kitchenColor your cabinets the same color as the rest of the kitchen to make them blend in. Source

contrasting cabinetsYou can color each of the cabinets in a different color. Depending on the color combination you can give the cabinets a funky or an elegant appearance. Source

Glass fronted cabinetsFor a completely fresh appearance, you can add glass to your existing cabinets. Source

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