8 Tips to improve the curb appeal of your House

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If you are looking to sell or rent your house, its curb appeal is just as important as the interiors. Many people choose to ignore the outside and spend thousands of dollars updating the inside. There are a lot of easy and budget friendly ways to improve the curb appeal of your house that can help move it off the market quicker.

Here are our top eight tips to improve the curb appeal:

Power wash

You will be amazed at the amount of dirt and scum that would have gathered over the years. A power wash is a great way to make your entry way shine. Give your house a good cleaning. While you are at it, wash the windows from the outside.


A good paint job can freshen up the exteriors of your house. Painting is easy, cheap and does not take much time. Paint the fences, window shutters and the gate. Painting will make the house look well maintained and updated.

Pay attention to details

Small details like the hardware of your front door is something that you would hardly even notice. These small details tend to become the game changer very quickly. Pay attention to the front door. Clean the clutter around it and scrub it clean. Make sure that hardware like numbers, door knockers etc. on the door or the gate are well polished or replaced if broken. Check the entry way for broken slabs or loose stones. If possible, line the entryway with edging materials like bricks or pavers.


Walk outside in the night and check if the house is well lit. Replace any fused or broken lights and if possible install lights along the sidewalk or entryway. It will help your home appear safe and inviting.


Landscaping is another important part of improving the curb appeal. Planting flowers is easy and cost effective. They add color to the exterior and can make a big impact on the potential buyer’s decision. Buy annual plants from your local nursery so even in winter your home will have a green thumb. You should also look around for low hanging branches that maybe obstructing the view of your property. Spend some time in trimming the branches and shrubs. Finally mow the lawn so it looks neat and tidy.


Cleaning the gutters is another essential part improving the curb appeal. Check the gutters for fallen leaves that might be blocking it.

Repair damage

Walk around the sidewalk and check carefully for any damage. Make a list of repairs that the exterior requires including the roofing. Consider updating your garage door if it appears damaged or dented. If you have a pool, check for broken tiles and replace them.

Add pizzazz

Finally once the exteriors are updated you can add a few decorative elements to make the house look attractive. Hang flowers in colourful pots, place window flower beds and tree lanterns. You could also place a bird house on the tree and a wind chime.

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