A Big Transformation of One Room Flat in London

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One Bedroom Apartments In London England

Hogarth Architects had finally finished their new renovation of this one room flat in London. They have made a big transformation inside this one room London flat in South Kensington to give a new and modern appearance for this old fashioned area. They have removed the old ceiling and another stuff to create an open living area and expose the grand scale. Now this one room London flat morphs into stylish.

Because this area has its historical memory, they did not change the cornices and fireplace to show the historical atmosphere with many wood accents inside. Sometimes you can’t remove some important things to show the real theme of area, right. But, even so, the big result of a renovation keeps appear here because it has so many differences.

During the renovation, the designer had created a new plan about this area. They gave a new touch from the massive two-level wood construction that could cover some important areas such as bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, and mezzanine. Just imagine. A big timber touch in the middle of your home. Unique, right?

Talk about the bathroom, honestly it is so stunning. With the wonderful combination between the modern furniture, timber, and glass make the bathroom comes with the pretty modern style. Very suitable with the urban lifestyle of the citizen of London. It is the reflection of modernity. The futuristic and stylish design can make me fall in love easily.

I really like the arrangement of the wood accent here. The overall design brings the warmness that needed by your family. Giving a big object like this in the center of your home can be a great option about making a different touch of the floor space. But, if you are interested in playing with something like this, just make sure that you have a high roof.

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