A Chic Multi Family Housing with the Simplicity

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Beautiful Luxury Living Room Multi Family House Designs Ideas

A multi-family housing always brings many challenge for the designer. That is the reason for us to finding and prepare the best multi family housing design if you have any plan to create it as your living space. The best one for the modern era nowadays is the modest modern multi family housing because it can represent the urban lifestyle of the citizen.

These pictures of this pretty project are coming from Jeremy San of StzernStudio and designed are created by KUU architects. KUU architects has finished a cute awesome project that can represent the simplicity and modernity in the same time. This home also has the elegant and chic form that seems very suitable for the ladies.

The home is formed by the bricks. All parts of the wall are using bricks as the main material. The overall shape of this home is the combination of some modular with 3×3 meters of size. It has any divide between the owner area and the worker area. All of the space here is created in chic white color. The white bricks can bring the coziness to the room with the wood floor that created in dark color. The dark wood and red clay touches give the material contrast to the room.

The small white kitchen seems cute with the hanging square accent in the roof. The kitchen also has a door to access the out part of the house. It also has a storage space on the bottom of the sink. It is big enough to keep the tools that needed for cooking. The shelves on the white brick wall also give another space as a storage area.

With the perfect lighting, this home will show the real beauty in the night. The yellow light that fills the home is very gorgeous. This home has successfully proven us that simplicity can be so interesting.

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