A Courtyard Home for The Kids to Play

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Amazing Courtyard Home Designs Ideas The Subarquitectura

Courtyard home can be so interesting for everyone who has a growing kid. A courtyard home features many areas for your kids to play. Sometimes courtyard home features street that gives any access for your kids to get small children playground to enjoy the childhood. Inside this type of home, the kids can find their fun world inside their living space. So, the home can cover everything. Including to bring the atmosphere of the kids when they are playing.

This concept can be found inside a home in Buzen, Japan that combined the courtyard and another part of the home with the perfect design to bring all of them in a wonderful living area. Made by Suppose Design Office, this home has a wonderful concept hat brings the super safety road inside the home. So, your kids can run and play with their bike here.

Created in modern and contemporary minimalist style, this home has represented the urban lifestyle that has become a trend in Japan nowadays. The wood accents in the wall brings the warmness inside the home that combined with the unique roof that can display a lot of sunlight, the modernity is totally appeared here.

Glass accent is also used inside the home. Many parts of this home has the glass touch like what you can find in the door, window, roof, and in the bathroom. The bathroom is designed in white color with the modern style to show us about the simplicity from the citizen of Japan. With some green plants on the table and on the middle of the home, it can ring the freshness to give any balance to the modern concept of the home and give a small touch of nature.

In this home, the kids can enjoy their time to playing inside the home, and the adult have a great time. With the unique atmosphere and able to see the pretty sky from the transparent roof.

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