A glamorous Apartment with dark Furniture and a wooden ambience

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Amazing Bathroom With Domination Of Marble And Wood With Big Mirror And Pendant Lamp And Basin And Toilet On The Wall

Are you looking for some inspiration for a modern interior? Then check out this glamorous apartment in Slovakia! Designed with comfort in mind, this apartment is equipped with dark furniture pieces, like the big black sofa beds. The white lines on the sofas accentuate the darkness. Two white tables contrast the sofas, while the pendant lamps create a romantic ambience. The sliding door made of glass is completed with long curtains and it connects the apartment to the spacious terrace.

The lack of partitions between the living room, dining room and the kitchen makes this apartment more spacious. The kitchen features a wooden theme. The dining table, floor, and one side of the wall in this area, are made from wood. Dark furniture pieces in the dining room complete the warmth of the space. And the natural sensation is beautifully reinforced by the wooden materials.

The kids’ room is designed colorfully, still maintaining the natural theme of the apartment, using parquet as flooring. The main bedroom is elegantly designed with a soft touch. It features a big glass window overlooking the garden. The bathroom features pastel colored curtains to complement the bedroom décor. So, are you feeling tempted by this dark furniture and wooden ambiance?

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Gallery of A glamorous Apartment with dark Furniture and a wooden ambience
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