A gorgeous House design in Spain by Clavel Arquitectos

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Amazing Exterior Design Of The Home With Four Prop And Numbers Of Lights On The Ceiling With The Views Of The Garden And Swimming Pool

This gorgeous house design is perfect if you want to experience living in Spain. Located in Murcia this house was designed by Clavel Arquitectos in a rectangular shape, even for the roof. The front features a round swimming pool surrounded by vivid greenery, perfect to enjoy a relaxing swim or sunbathe on a sunny day.

The inside is surprisingly peaceful. The first thing you notice when you enter is the glass wall. The translucent view is designed to capture the outside scenery and to emphasize the modern design. The small sofa with a round wooden table and stand lamp offer a comfortable space for spending time with friends or family. Meanwhile, the bedroom in the penthouse offers a perfect sleeping place.  Surrounded by glass walls, this room has a perfect view. The space is filled with a white sofa bed and a white cabinet. Very glamorous, right?

This house design features an interesting element right in the middle: a palm tree surrounded by glass. This detail adds a certain amount of sophistication to the interior! You can enjoy a green vibe in a closed room and the LED lighting give it a truly romantic feel. So, what do you think about this mesmerizing house design?

Amazing Home Design With Rounded Swimming Pool And Double Long White Seats And A Litte Table Next To The Little Garden

Amazing Sketch Home With Various Shape And Well Positioning On Each Place With Each Number Of Home

Elegant Home Design With Some Trees Around The Home And Unique Shape Of Te Upperground With Cream Colored On The Wall Of The Last Floor

Fascinating Home Exterior Design With A Swimming Pool  And Two Water Sprayers And A Little Garden Filled By Some Interesting Grass And Flowers

Futuristics Exterior Home Design With Cream Colored Floor And The Ceiling And A Blue Screen On The Rounded Wall

Gallery of A gorgeous House design in Spain by Clavel Arquitectos
Outstanding sketch home design with certain type and vurved and each roon well placen on their position
Amazing exterior design of the home with four prop and numbers of lights on the ceiling with the views of the garden and swimming pool
Fascinating home exterior design with a swimming pool  and two water sprayers and a little garden filled by some interesting grass and flowers
elegant home design with some trees around the home and unique shape of te upperground with cream colored on the wall of the last floor
Futuristics exterior home design with cream colored floor and the ceiling and a blue screen on the rounded wall
Amazing sketch home with various shape and well positioning on each place with each number of home
Amazing home design with rounded swimming pool and double long white seats and a litte table next to the little garden
Inspiring sketch of the last floor with random big fences and well positioned trees on both sides of the house
Interior home design with a garden glas in the middle of the room and numbers of light on the ceiling and the wooden style of the wall and the shiny floor
Sweet bed room with single large bed and two pillow with different collors and a table with a standing lamp and the glasses on the other two sides of the room
Modern home design with amazing living room with a pair of chairs separated by a little rounded table and wooden floor with the same motif as the ceiling with some light on it and

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