A Half of Panic Room inside Au Vieux Panier

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Design Panic Room Hotel

If you are coming in the Au Vieux Panier hotel in Marseille, France, don’t be shocked if you suddenly find a panic room. This hotel have something that hard to find in another place, a bedroom with a unique panic room design. Awesome, right? You will find many surprising thing that can inspire you to create and design your own panic room at your home.

Why do I say that this room is so shocking? The answer is because this home was filled by two contrast theme. The room is separated by an invisible line on the middle that divides this room into two different parts. Everything is divided. The bed, table, roof, even the mirror, all of them are deivided into two different area. And, both of this area have their own strong personality and character.

The first part is what I call with the normal room. Calm, cozy, and common. All part of this “normal” side is painted in white. Half of the bed, roof, wall, table and mirror are colored in white. Very normal and casual.

But, I you take a look at the other side. Another half of the bed, table, wall, roof, and mirror will bring you to another world that you can call as the panic zone. Inside these panic room or panic zone, all of the area is filled by full color graffiti. Blue, red, orange, and another strong color you can find here has many notes that you used to find in common graffiti. The creators give a special name for this project. They call it Tilt. So awesome, right?

From this project, we can learn that contrast can bring an uncommon and unique look into the room. This unique theme with a lot of creativity can finally result an outstanding and eye catching project. Brilliant!

Graffiti Panic Room Bedroom Wall

Graffiti Panic Room Bed Room

Graffiti Panic Room Bedroom Designs

Half Graffiti Left Right Panic Room

Half Graffiti Panic Bedroom Sides

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