A modern House Design in Belgium

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Do you need some inspiration for your modern house design? Do you need more sunlight and a more natural décor? Then, this house which is located in Bruges, Belgium might inspire you to get some. Veronique Bogaert designed this modern house with the intention to make a close bond to nature. And this is what she created!

Mostly, the ceilings of the house were designed in full loaded wood. The ceilings were bare up to the point where the sunlight can make a direct contact to the house’s floors. Every single detail, in every room, also have an all-natural ambience, for example in the bedroom, you can see the tree décor, signifying nature presence. The fact that there is always a rug placed beneath the furniture is making a definite personal statement to the house’s concept.

If you observe this modern house closely, there are some repetitive patterns in all designated rooms. However, the designers intentionally wanted to create this kind of feeling. First, the patterns reflect the meaning of simplicity. Second, the fact that the patterns are in natural colors makes you feel closer to nature. So, how would you define this modern house? Is it suitable for your taste? Would you use such a décor in your home design?

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