A modern minimalist Apartment in charming Colors

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Colourful Design For Bathroom With Green Door And Orange Classic Mirror Frame With Modern Wall Lamp

There is an interesting apartment in Taipei, Taiwan, that has a minimalist design in black, white and grey. However, to get the entire picture, you need to see more details. There is a uniqueness in each room of this apartment. There are charming pops of colors everywhere, other than black, white and grey.

Many of us, conventionally think that a minimalist apartment is always categorized with a minimalist combination of colors. Indeed, that is true. However, the combination of colors that involves colorful touches is not a problem as long as the colors match. So, Ganna Design created this apartment to show the public how modern a minimalist design can look, and how to utilize many colors instead of the usual black, white, and grey.

You can see many colorful furniture pieces harmonizing the dominant grey color in each room. There is an aquamarine custom cabinet in the bedroom, orange mirrors in the bathroom and living room, a neon green door, and plenty of colorful touches that light up the atmosphere in the rooms. Even more, the colorful furniture pieces become centerpieces in the rooms they are placed in. So, are you feeling tempted to integrate pops of color in your minimalist apartment design? Get inspired and don’t forget to share!

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