A New Color Style in Beach Apartment

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When we talk about a beach apartment, I believe that your mind will run into a modern and airy apartment that created with the modern minimalist design. But, here we have something else than that common apartment. The Ken Valenti’s apartment on Miami beach is coming with something new. A very interesting style with the shocking theme. The apartment is coming with the color as the main theme. You will be shocked to see how the colors work inside this beach apartment. They can be a great main point and focus easily even since the first time you step in.

The beach apartment can play well with this theme. You can see that this apartment can be so interesting even it is arranged with the all white theme. The white apartment seems very luxurious and attractive with the sculpt details with the same color. I guess the designer still remember that this beach apartment also need to serve the scenery it has. So, in the other side of this apartment, you will find the glass wall with the wide access to the sea. The other white space comes with more besides the white, green and black are coming in the other spaces. The black in the bedroom seems luxurious and elegant. The black seems perfect to be mixed with the white accents in the walls and floors.

The green in the next corner bring another freshness. Here, the designer doesn’t only use the green as the main color. But, also yellow and the color between them. Here, they play with the color gradation. If you think that the gradation only happens in the walls, you are totally wrong because the furniture also takes place in this color gradation inside this bold style of beach apartments in Miami FL. So unique, right? Do you ever see something like this before?

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