A new Dimension: the Deep Grid Pixel Rug

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Awesome Luxury Decoration Room With Bright Purple Deep Grid Rugs Design With Modern Arm Chair Also Smart Fireplace Design

Cristian Zuzunaga won an award for designing a pixel rug named Deep Grid Rug. She used the mandala method to repeat the pixel pattern in evenness, expanded from a very small size. Working altogether with Kidderminster, this rug uses unique fabrics that exude the modern templates from Brintons’ collection.

What is so exclusive about this kind of pixel rug are the squares that were colored repeatedly in the same color tones. Thus, it’s like creating a new dimension to a single rug. The fact that there is a repetition in this design shows a philosophy of an open space. Very futuristic, right? It shows that the Deep Grid pixel rug has a special feel of artistic values.

This Deep grid pixel rug is available in many variations. You can have a bright composition of colors or a combination of dark and bright ones. You can place it in your lovely living room. To add the sense of beauty, ensure that the rug and home furniture in its surrounding really balance out each other. The Deep Grid Rug can be the newest contemporary product to represent a very old pattern to create a futuristic sensation in your home. Don’t forget to tweet your thoughts!

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Awesome luxury decoration room with bright purple deep grid rugs design with modern arm chair also smart fireplace design
Fancy decoration in white with tufted white sofa and black modern armchair also grid purple rug design
Impressive white decoration room with modern stylish beige sofa in motifs with handrest with white armchair also bright colourful rugs

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