Addicting Design of IKEA Dining Room 2013

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IKEA Dining Room 2013 LaurieFlower 001

When the new year comes and we entry to the different month on the different year, it means there will be a new trend and new styles. And, that will be the time for IKEA to release their new catalogue with many cool project inside it. And, here I’ve prepared IKEA dining room design that predicted to be a new trend in 2013. These amazing dining table design are coming to show you about what is the high quality furitur like. So, take a look closer at these amazing pictures then! You might find something good for your dining room.

All of these furniture are new product that created for you following the trends on 3013. These modern dinning rooms are created uniquely. Some materials are chosen beginning from the wood to steel are available. Just like what you can see on the first picture where the brown bricks seem perfect to be mixed with the wood furniture and steel materials. It seems like an “all in one” design because the bricks, wood, and steel are standing perfectly.

In the other hand, the other design is coming with the simplicity and minimalist design. The black, brown, and white are chosen to fill the surface of these furniture. Many ways are done to create the perfect composition beginning from the white and black seats which arranged around the black main table with the black and white tablecloth above it. Or, the minimalist dining set design with the minimalist seat which created one hundred percent from wood. When you expect something softer, the wonderful contemporary dining room set is available with the combination of fabric and wood seats which arranged perfectly around the main table.

Many variations are created for you here based on your taste. So, have you found the cool one which can be an eye catching main point for your beloved dining room in this year? So, get ready to be in love with the IKEA dining room 2013.

IKEA Dining Room 2013 LaurieFlower 002

IKEA Dining Room 2013 LaurieFlower 003

IKEA Dining Room 2013 LaurieFlower 004

IKEA Dining Room 2013 LaurieFlower 005

IKEA Dining Room 2013 LaurieFlower 006

Gallery of Addicting Design of IKEA Dining Room 2013

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