Adorable Bohemian Bedroom Decorating Ideas

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You can create the stunning view in your bedroom. If you like art you can take bohemian bedroom style. This style applies beautiful color that makes luxurious, sparkling and enticing look in your bedroom. Moulin rouge of Paris influences this style. The point of this style is presenting the nice color, style and layer. If you want to change your bedroom into this style you do not need to bath the bedroom with modern and sophisticated items; the old fashioned ones are nice to go. You just need to follow the steps here.

First, it is relating with the presence of texture and color. Let’s start with the color of the wall. The point is that in Bohemian bedroom style apply rich color. You can apply rusty orange, rich brown, emerald green and deep burgundy to paint the wall. You can also apply different color in each wall. Then, we discuss the color of the floor. You can put the nice rug in different color. Persian style can be suitable with this style or you can put traditional carpeting style. The last, don’t forget to decorate the room with lightweight planters.

Second, it is about the bedding selection. The color and the texture are important here. You can mix up various colors here. For example, you can shop for an amber colored throw pillow, navy blue sheets, an emerald toned bedding with a maroon comforter cover. Then, for the texture, you can pick the bedding made from various fabrics such as wool throw pillow, flannel comforter, traditional lamps, cotton sheet, and a satin duvet. Finally, you can add draperies with different textures on the window.

When we imagine about this bohemian style, we think that the various colors will make the clutter. But actually the clutter is what people said as an art. Even you can put a lot of items in the bedroom. You can bring frames, mirror on the wall, the old camera, perfume bottles, spectacles and musical instruments.

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