Amazing Bold Bathrooms Hotel that Break the Rule

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Beautiful Bold Bathroom Colors Ideas

Have any idea to make a bold bathroom in your home? If you do, I believe you are thinking very hard to get the best bold bathroom ideas in your home. But, don’t worry because here we have many bold bathroom colors that created in many colors to bring the freshness to your home. Forget about the black and white bathroom. Just try to think another ideas such as the unique accent materials and colors. Don’t make yourself stuck in that bored concept.

Actually, sometimes you need to be naughty and break the rules. Who says that bathroom is about dark and bright or black and white? I will prove you that this concept is totally wrong. Let’s just make our own rule with the natural light, new arrangement, colors and materials. I will bring you to come in the awesome bathroom hotel with the unexpected bathroom concept.

These bathrooms are taking place in some hotels in United Stated, the Standard Hotel that tries to make a bathroom that can remind us about the nature with the strong wood element with the open area that can make you enjoy the surroundings. And, the W Hotel in Atlanta tries to bring you modern touches inside the bathroom. With the simple and minimalist arrangement that had been brought to the bathroom, we can see that modern bathroom is not only about black and white, right? From these pictures from Thomas Loof and Ben Rahn from A Frame Inc, we can get so many inspirations about making a cool bathroom.

Here, the creator of each bathroom has their own ways to make it different. Beginning from using the wood, stone, until the bright and vivid color accent such as range and blue that combined with the minimalist modern design. Each bathroom has their uniqueness with the great theme as the main point.

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