Amazing Living Room Design Style for Amazing Home

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Living Room By Diego Reales Living Rooms Show

Choosing living room design styles is very important to build your ideal home. There are many kinds of living room design from many designers. You may choose as your inspiration. Having beautiful living room means having big proud because by having beautiful living room you will be more confident. Here, I will give the inspiration about two living room styles. Those are traditional and modern living room style.

Modern and traditional living room styles

Let’s start with traditional living room styles. As an example I am going to show the design from Yasser Esam. Here, there is white couch in L shaped across the television and it is attached to the wooden wall. And here, you can see that there is coffee table made from the block of wood too. The brick wall is placed behind the couch. The painting with tribal decoration is hanging on the white wall. It is completed with a crystal gray carpet below the couch. And, there is a side table with table lamp on the top is placed at the other side of the couch. It looks so perfect design, simple and traditional.

Next, I will discuss the modern living room styles. As the example is the design from Deutscher Herbst. This living room is decorated by white walls gray marble floor, and brick like-pillars. And, a side of the wall is made from glass. The carpet is fur carpet made from dark brown leather and mixed with dark brown coffee table. Take a look at above the living room, there is a bunch of metallic crystal balls chandeliers. And, finally in the back is placed a modern crystal-like staircase. This living room is simple, but giving modern effect.

Although there are many types of living room design, but you have to fit with the type of your house. With the right choice you will get a beautiful living room. And, the result, you will be proud having your home.

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