An exquisite open Plan House in a neutral Palette

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Can you even imagine that a building that was an industrial space for so many years, can be wonderfully altered into a beautiful open plan house? After you see these pictures you will be in awe. This design is such a wonderful display of an open house, isn’t it? The owner of the house simply wanted to add an elegant touch in a neutral palette, but the finished house offers more than just elegance, voila!

The designers from Portland collaborated to make this house into a Nordic style, or as we know it, a Scandinavian one. As usual, the main coloration for a Scandinavian design would be white and black, with wooden accents that will create a natural and relaxing harmony. With large windows, the sunlight will even add the fresh atmosphere in the open house.

The furniture is defined in the same theme as the house, a Scandinavian one. There is a touch of industrial design in the house’s accessories like a gramophone, vintage bottles, a vintage mirror and mid-century shelves. The combination of the accessories make the house more elegant in a stylish and vintage way. You will feel that every furniture piece, from each room has its own character to define the mood of the space. What an inviting masterpiece!

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Gallery of An exquisite open Plan House in a neutral Palette
Awesome industrial style design changed to bed nice decoration room in white and cool track lighting fixtures
Spacious bathroom design in black and white decor with tiles wall design and sink also white shelving design
Impressive design for stainless steel kitchen appliances and wooden accent for dining suite and nice chest of drawer
Cozy bedroom design in white with large windows design and stylish bed design also white mirror frame with ceiling fan

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