Antique Dining Room Furniture in The Modern Age

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Antique Dining Room Furniture

The history of antique dining room furniture started on the late 1890s. People at that time were usually using dining room as gathering room both formal and informal meeting. Antique dining room furniture is in set consist of chairs, dining tables, cabinets, side tables, coffee tables and some trolley.

There are so many material used in creating antique dining room furniture in the modern age. One of materials usually used is woods. So many kinds of wood can be use as antique dining room furniture such as mahogany, teak, walnut, rosewood and satinwood. But, most English and Dutch antique dining room use antique oak as material. This kind of wood looks so strong that fit to huge dining room. The antique oaks were used at the pastime because its motif darker was given impression like old woods. The older age of antique dining room furniture it will be more expensive. So many craftsmen purposely gave stains and keep it for long periods of time.

In the pastime antique dining room furniture sets had specific style especially on English style. The design and appearance must elegance, luxury and classy in particular place such as ceiling, floors, walls and many more. In the modern era, antique furniture not only can be found in private homes just like in the past. It can be seen on hotels, restaurants or more public areas. Likewise the material used also varies not only use wood. The combinations of wood with a metal are widely used in the modern era.

Although today many replica furniture and its combinations are spread commercially, the people who likes to collect antiques still looking for original antique furniture. The originality is very important for antique collector. They will have high standard to qualify the quality. It consists of authenticity of the place of origin antique furniture, where to get it from the store, a certificate, or proof of an auction. This high standard is to prevent fake antique furniture purchasing.

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