Apartment design by Pitsou Kedem, so exclusive!

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Amazing Ideas For Interior Home Design With An Oval Bathing Thub With A Lamp On The Crane With Some Book Stack Beside A House Plant On The Wooden Countertop

If you’re looking for an exclusive idea for your enchanting apartment design, the Antokolsky apartment can serve as an eclectic reference. The skillful architect, Pitsou Kedem has developed a modern décor to build this charming apartment design using luxurious interior elements in a gorgeous ambiance.

The living room features a grey sleek sofa with smooth grey pillows. Beside it, a modern kitchen is built with an exclusive design. When you enter this room, you will directly see the embossed words on the wall: “How soon is now”! This statement has a philosophical meaning that will encourage you to do better and enjoy the present time. Your cooking time is pleasantly improved by the kitchen island made of stainless steel.

Going to the dining room beside the kitchen, you can enjoy a wonderful dinner on the comfy chairs and stunning table. The chromatic theme used here truly breaks the monotony. When you’re feeling sleepy, you can experience a perfect rest in the charming bedroom. The design is very spacious, it features a white sleek sofa bed and a sliding glass door to get an interesting partition in the room. Are you feeling inspired by this cool apartment design? Share your thoughts!

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Amazing ideas for interior home design with an oval bathing thub with a lamp on the crane with some book stack beside a house plant on the wooden countertop
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Futuristic kitchen design with a wastafel beside three dark hotplate on a glossy kitchen countertop in front of dark kitchen wall with some letter on the top side
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Fancy kitchen design with a long kitchen countertop beside a set of dining table with a big black sofa with some pillows on th cosy tile floor
Amazing interior home design with fancy furnitures on the mirror floor between big glass wall in ironic framw and black wall illuminated by delighfull ceiling lamps hanging on th the white ceiling
Interesting kitchen design with a wastafel on a black countertop on the cream floor in front of unique dark wall with fancy ceiling lamps
Amazing interior home design with a wooden dining table with black chairs beside a wastafel on a kitchen countertop behind a big black soft seat on the mirror floor

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