Attic Apartments Design with An Minimalist Bathroom

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Attic Apartment Design Plan

Attic doesn’t seem like an interesting place for some people out there. As we know, the attic has uncommon angles and shape that can be hard to be renovated and arranged. And, that is not as simple as it seems if you have a plan to renovate it. As you know that is hard to get a good furniture that can be perfect to be combined with its unusual form. But, you can do it well, actually there are so many advantages you can get from its weird shape. The weird shape can be a good decoration and detail for the space. And, these attic apartments design can prove you well about that statement.

The Atticus apartment is a wonderful creation by the Studio Damilano. This attic apartments design is created in an old attic. The Studio Damilano has remodeled this old attic into a pretty modern apartment that can catch your attention easily even since the first time. Every space that you can find inside this apartment is created with the simple and modern style with the minimalist furniture. With the 240 sq meter of size, I think it is more than enough to help you get a cozy place to stay. This apartment has two bedrooms, two bathrooms, kitchen, and living room that comes with the super stylish design.

The white seems dominant inside this modern apartment. This design can finally make this apartment comes bright in fact that attic is on the highest space of the building, you can get another advantage with the sunlight. The furniture that has been chosen in this apartment is the modern and simple furniture with the simple shape and neutral colors. Honestly, I really love the bathroom. With the super modern style with the glass and square bathtub. It is so rocking! That is my favorite space of this great and modern attic apartments design.

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Studio Damilano Attic Apartments Design

Studio Damilano Atticus Attic Apartments Design

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