Awesome Art Condo for The Artwork Collection

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Can you see something different inside these art condos? These arts condo building comes with the uniqueness and uncommon style. Combined with a white interior and curved walls these condo finally can have pretty and beautiful look. It does not only seem like a building, but it is like a part of the amazing art. This is because this place is created for an art collector. If you are interested more, you can find these amazing place in New York City.

This condo is created with the unique curve accent everywhere. Seems very artistic and very suitable as a place to show the pretty art collection on the wall. The Unstudio has a big problem when creating these pretty place. They must create a great place that can be matched with the artwork that will be shown by the owner. And, it will be very tricking because we are talking about art here.

So here, they create a very modern home with the super simple accent. All of the part of this place is created in white color. And, the space is filled by curve accent that can be found everywhere. You will love the curve corridor that will bring you in with so many beautiful work art in the wall. Very pretty, clean, and seems large. In the living room, the blue sofa bring the freshness into the room. As we know, white always make the room seems empty.

The bedroom is divided with the super big glass wall. This is the typical of modern room where you can find the glass accent easily to maximize the room. The bedroom has super modern and simple furniture that can perfectly fill the overall space. The workspace is also placed inside the same place without any divider. It is united with the bedroom. The workspace faces the big glass wall where you can enjoy the amazing city view in the night. So awesome, right?

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modern condo design, modern design, condo
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modern condo design, modern design, condo
modern condo design, modern design, condo

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