Awesome Concrete Home In Brazil

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Boacava Cconcrete House Design

When you are thinking about some concrete house, I believe you your mind will run into a pretty modern home with the simple arrangement. These thing can also be found inside these cute and wonderful home. Created by Una Arquitetos in 2011, these home has all of the criteria that needed by a modern home. Takes place in the Sao Paulo in Brazil, this home will show you how is the uniqueness of a modern home like.

Created from the concrete material, I believe this home will be so durable and strong. The concrete material also will make your home flexible because the concrete can be formed in many shape based on our need. I believe you must not ask about the strength. Why? Because this material is known as its quality. Besides concrete material, these home also uses another materials such as metal and wood. Boaçava House has the perfect balance of material usage. All of the materials are perfectly blending and finally form a very pretty home with industrial look.

This Boaçava House has a unique thing that is not common to be found in another home. It comes with the asymmetrical concrete volumes. The home is painted in two different colors, the red and grey. The walls seem has pretty details of the square shape that beautifully appear. The overall look from the outside shows the modern shape with the urban style. I really like the balcony on the upstairs. It is so simple without any accents with the metal element.

The decoration inside the home uses the same theme. With the wood floor on brown color, the home can be filled by the warmness. Almost all of the furniture here is created in black color. This thing is so match with the red walls. To link the down and up floor, they use a modern stairs. The stairs is created from the modern black metal. Very simple without too much accent. Behind this home, you can find a pretty swimming pool that divided by a big glass wall with the inside part of the home. Here, you get two advantages, firstly these glass walls can be an access to enjoy the scenery outside and can be a place to get the natural light. Very awesome concrete house designs, right?

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