Awesome Ideas of Modern Garden Design with Recycled Bottles

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Container Modern Garden Designs With Recycled Bottles

Many people design their garden with expensive cost. Even many of them are looking for an expert help. It takes much of their money. Actually there is other way to design your garden. Recycling is the best solution to design your modern garden or other part of your home. Besides it is cheap, you will save your environment from inorganic trash because some people think that it just trash so they throw that away. Nowadays, recycling is becoming trend. Many creative people take trash as the useful thing. The result is very interesting, from the trash become luxury thing.

Here, I suggest that you design your modern garden using recycling project. It is implemented in a Brazilian home. They made modern garden design with recycled bottles. This vertical urban garden gave a garden of a house a great makeover. This wonderful garden is created from hundreds of plastic soda bottle. These hundred of plastic soda bottle were used for individual planters for simple greenery in the front patio of this colorful residence. You do not need a lot of money to create your colorful living place.

This idea is so easy to be practiced. If you are interested in it, you just need to look for the empty plastic soda bottle. You can find it in many places. I think your neighbor will give to you nicely if they have it. Then, create the bottle into place to plan your flower or plants. Next, design your bottles suitable with your idea and also your garden. You may put those bottles on the wall in the yard. That is the solution if you do not have enough space to make big garden. Finally, you will get unique garden. And, your neighbor will be jealous and they also want to have it. Create your colorful life with your colorful modern garden and enjoy your life.

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