Awesome Lens House with The Impressing Concept

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Lens House 2nd Floor Design

Here, we have an awesome and inspiring home for you who are looking for something unique for your home. Just take a look at this cute Lens House. For that, we will bring you to London, UK. There you will find this pretty home with its 400 square meters of size. Actually, this home is renovated by Alison Brooks Architects. Besides making the renovation, they also made the extension inside this awesome Lens House.

The Lens Home is coming with the modern style and perfect combination between concrete and bricks. The brown bricks can perfectly blend with the concrete that mostly painted with the black color. The home has pretty shape that can remind us with the cute form of origami. Very pretty but still modern and unique. From the outside, the unique classical touch of bricks seems awesome between the modern black accents.

The interior design comes with the same theme. It has the pretty modern arrangement with the unique combination between white, yellow, and grey. The yellow color in the wall brings the freshness into the empty white color of the home. Mostly, it is beautified by the simplicity from the modern furniture inside this area. The kitchen seems so modern with the refreshing yellow accent in the wall and silver furniture.

You will so many glass accent on the walls and roof that has been used here. It is used as an access for the owner to enjoy the environment and as a way to bring he natural light into the home. This way can help you limit the electricity usage from the lamp. Outside the Lens home, there is a big yard with many trees. All of these creates a very comfortable area with the windy atmosphere. After taking a look closer, I believe you will find that the Lens House displays an intriguing exterior.

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