Awesome London Duplex To Stay

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Bathroom London Duplex Apartment

When you are choosing to stay in a big city like London, a London duplex can be a nice place to stay because the main problem that we get in that city is abut the limited cramped area. That is why, a stylish London duplex become a trend nowadays in that city. And, the thing that we will share today is about a stylish London duplex penthouse. Trust me, you will not find that problems inside the place.

Takes place in Mallow Street, this stylish apartment shows the real meaning of coziness in modern cover. The apartment was created in luxury with the brown wood floor to bring the warmness that combined with the black accents from the furniture. The living room was created with the L-shaped sofa in black and white color makes this area comes so trendy. A plant besides it brings the freshness to the room as a balance for the modernity.

The big windows are so helpful here. Why? Because it brings the sunlight in. So, it will not need to much lamp because the sunlight is enough to fill the room. Another advantage? Just imagine the beautiful city view you can get in the night inside this two-story apartment. Spectacular.

Modern kitchen is taking place in another side of this area. With the brown element from the furniture and floor, this kitchen is totally filled with the warmness featured with the same window. So, just enjoy the scenery while you are cooking.

The bedroom here is combined with the modern furniture with the wooden accent and plant. All of this element can bring the rustic and modern atmosphere in the same time with the king-sized bed and high windows around it. Nice combination, right?

The small terrace outside with some plants present a cozy area to be a great spot that gives you access to enjoy the sun or to catch the fresh air and enjoy the city.

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