Awesome Rock House with The Sea Atmosphere

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70s Kitchen Mystic Relaxation Place Rock Hose

If you are a fan of natural panorama, you should take a look at these awesome house. This pretty home is called the Rock House. Featured with the pretty sea scenery, this home will serve the best view for you and your family.

This house is coming from the smart idea of UN Arquitectura in Chile, this home is completely interesting with the wonderful scenery of South Pacific Ocean. You will get the cozy Mediterranean climate here as the advantage of its location. Because of the main idea about this home is about serving the panorama, they have created this home with the freedom spirit that united with the surroundings with the pretty contrast between the home and patio as the point of the home.

This home is created with the combination between two materials. The concrete and wood are perfectly blending in this home. The black concrete in the wall is mixed with the natural brown wood in the floor and many other areas. Featuring the modern style with the strong lines accent in the walls this home is completely impressing. This home uses the simple shapes as the details to support the modern theme inside it. Very pretty.

The arrangement inside the home is using the same theme. Modern with white walls color and wood accents everywhere. The living room and kitchen come with the modern style and mostly is painted in white color. The wood accent in the living room is so strong with the big glass walls to serve the pretty scenery outside.

Outside the home, there is an open area with the swimming pool and pretty garden. It will be a great spot for you to enjoy the sea and refreshing your mind. Featured with the awesome wood deck and wood seats and table, you must see how wonderful is this mystic relaxation place.

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