Awesome Wooden Bathroom Collection from Israel

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Alex Sink Bathroom Design By Kashani

Wood is always interesting to be applied in every space in our home. Wood also becomes favorite of many people to be used in the bathroom, it is because the wood has its own grade in architecture and it is flexible to be arranged. And, if you have any ideas to make your wood bathroom, here we have some inspiring wooden bathroom collections to help you find many ideas about arranging the wooden bathroom.

These bathroom utilities are coming from the Kashani. It is a corporation from Israel that has been founded by Efi and Shlomi Kashani. Both of them are talented and skillful designer that can create these awesome projects. They made these bathroom utilities in limited edition. Every design is created with the sketch before it is changed in the 3D form with computer.

Every product is created from the wood and processed with the CNC milling machines before finally finished by the hand by the craftsman. So, it is handmade. They have three types of product in that have been created by Naty Moskovich and Yonatan Assouline. They are Logged up; Wood & White; and Alpha. The awesome shape of each product is resulted by the CNC technology and manual hand touch that have been explained before.

The Wood & White series comes with the wood element that combined with the pretty white color. Featured with the Sandra bathtub with the same combination between with the white accent outside and wood inside. Very modern and simple, but classy to be combined with the cute Alex sink, the Corian shelf as the storage system, and Rif Raf stools.
The soft accent on the Alpha bathtub seems great with the wood body. I really like the wood square sink. For me, it seems simple and modern, but still has the traditional touch. It will be so great to be combined with the wood seat, shelf, and the modern tap. All of those combination make the wooden bathroom collection by Kashani brothers are so interesting and I believe it can impress you easily.

Alex Sink From The Wooden White Designs Collection By Kashani

Alex Sink Rif Raf Stool Bathroom Collection By Kashani

Alpha Bathtub Design By Kashani

Alpha Wooden Bathtub From The Round About Collection By Kashani

Bathroom Collection By Kashani Brothers

Gallery of Awesome Wooden Bathroom Collection from Israel

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