BA House : Buenos Aires Architecture

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If you see the picture, may be you are not sure that this is a great house. It looks so small. It is Buenos aires architecture and called by ba house. Yup, you are right; this is located on a field in a small condominium of 16 lots located in an area of the Buenos Aires Province, traditionally of farms, that with the trace of the Western Highway has been gradually transforming into a permanent housing place. But you do not need to worry. This house is still comfort to stay.

Basically, the house is set back from the road through the condo with a garden and flooring suitable for parking a car, made with quebracho sleepers buried in the earth. Then, as the house comes from middling to middling was necessary to propose, in addition to the main entrance, another service that would enable direct entry into the back of the lot so as to resolve the activities of maintenance. Meanwhile, you can reach the two doors by a partially covered deck. The front door opens to a single space, with the water courtyard and the green courtyard as main characters. There you can develop meetings in a flexible manner, only determined by the equipment.

On one side of this space, and protected from view behind a hanging wall, are the bedrooms and bathrooms, and towards the opposite, the service entrance, the kitchen (which is hinted just across the courtyard green) and the laundry. In the background the different activities of the house extend in a semi-covered stretch that goes from middling to middling, with very indefinite boundaries between inside and outside. The house is linked to the pool through a solarium. The rest of the lot is free to be occupied by the proposed vegetation. Based on the design, it is a nice place to stay, isn’t it? So, if you want to have a house, just take the design to your list.

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