Barrier Island House by Sanders Pace

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Barrier Island House Resort Image 001

A house with full of glasses is not always bad. It means, with “different” design, glasses for a house can be fun and comfortable. One of the examples is this island house resort. You can see from the picture that is designed by Sanders Pace Architecture. You can imagine that this house will be full of light in the noon. With the glasses almost everywhere, it will make you easy to find something in this house.

Actually, this building is made based on the oak trees besides the house itself. Those trees are so beautiful, so sure that they will make different sensation to the house too. Moreover, the owner of the house has goals with their existing property in order to determine whether or not the existing single family residence on the site could accommodate their needs. So, this resort is made for.

From the shape, it has L shape with little addition besides the building. L shape is giving us no many choices to place property. But in fact, it just not the same for this house resort. You can see that every room in this house resort is designed very well. It has outside terrace too. So, for you who want to have a great contemporary house, you may include this home design into your list.

Furthermore, it is not only usual house with the oak trees besides. It is also allowed the design to provide the same interior program within a smaller amount of conditioned space, again a nod to the scale and character of the original historic neighborhood by improving the efficiency within the layout. Meanwhile, the hurricane codes dictated our structural system which consisted of concrete with CMU infill. This home can be stated as a great home with beautiful environment. You can imagine how satisfy you are to stay here, Barrier Island House.

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