Bathroom Jewelry – Sinks that make a Statement

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With the holidays just around the corner, it is time to prep up your home for visits from friends and family. It is the time for cheer, laughter and entertaining, but don’t forget to rev up the finer aspects of your home. If your bathroom or powder room needs a makeover, now is the time to start planning, before it is too late. Just by making a small change, you can make the bathroom shine.

Here are five innovative sink trends that are like jewelry for your bathroom:

Stone sink

Imagine a structure that is close to a sculptural installation in your bathroom. A stone vessel sink is just that. It provides the bathroom with a much needed focal point and it eliminates the need to upgrade anything else. Place a spotlight to further illuminate the stone vessel sink and watch the guests marvel by its sheer beauty. A stone vessel sink is great for powder rooms and half- baths where it is not subjected to harsh gunk every day.

Copper sinks

Give your bathroom a country style look by installing a copper sink. Copper is often referred to as the living metal since it develops a beautiful patina over the years and ages gracefully. A copper metal will slowly turn from a shiny metal surface to a rustic old-world charm. If you are looking for a vintage look, consider installing character rich copper bucket style pails for vessel sinks. A copper sink is durable, and it is easy to drill a hole in the base for installation.

Steel sink

For the minimalistic and modern home, a steel vessel sink is as trendy and futuristic as it can get. Look for a steel sink in an interesting shape to add personality to the bathroom or powder room. The shiny body of the steel vessel will reflect light and add brightness to the bath. A steel sink is great for bathrooms that are dark or have dark walls. Steel is sleek, modern and perfect for small bathrooms.

Recycled glass sinks

Worried about the carbon footprint your bathroom remodeling will leave? Consider installing a recycled glass vessel sink. These are made of glass pieces fused together to form a basin. A clear glass sink works great for bathrooms that are short on space. Glass adds a feeling of airiness and blends into the wall making the bathroom feel more spacious. Glass sinks range from clear, translucent and even hand – painted ones with intricate designs for the art connoisseur.

Wooden sinks

Wooden sinks can help you and your bathroom become one with nature. These are great for families that love the outdoors and want that to be reflected in their living space. Wooden sinks are treated for water proofing which makes them extremely durable and easy to take care of. Wood brings an organic feel to the bathroom. The natural texture and grain adds interest and depth. From an entire installation carved from a piece of log to a barrel style sink, choose one that blends well with your personality.

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