Beautiful contemporary wooden Home Design

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Most wooden house designs are uniquely exploring the natural colors of the wood itself. The home design that we are presenting in today’s post, is creatively constructed in a multi-level structure. Located in Sydney, the beauty of this home design is perfected by the alluring views of Parramatta River. Besides, the green and refreshing air is also perfect for bringing a relaxing sensation into the house.

By combining wood as the main material and steel to frame the house building, this family house looks pretty interesting. Moreover, the shape of the building is designed creatively, but also stylishly. CplusC Architectural Workshop designed this home with refreshing open spaces at each level. More than that, it is also completed with plenty of glass windows and sliding doors which make it easier to enjoy the beautiful sceneries from the inside of the house.

Talking about the inside of this house, there is a stylish living room which is beautified by an alluring bright sofa and colorful stripped carpet. Then, by utilizing a half partition, the kitchen is set beside the living room. This open kitchen is decorated with contemporary furniture all over, from the storage spaces, to the cabinet and the counter top.

Closed by the kitchen zone, there is a chic dining room. Designed elegantly using sleek chairs and a rectangular wooden table, this space is perfected by the additional alluring pendant lamp above the dining table. Outside, there is also a patio with beautiful views and an outdoor kitchen. To accentuate the perfection of this house, the bathroom is also modernly designed. Last, but not least, the exterior décor which reinforces the modernity of this home design is equipped with an interesting pool and many green areas. Would you be tempted to decorate your home like this?

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