Designing Bedroom Spaces for teenaged Girls

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Uniqiue Girls Bedroom Chest

Teenagers typically have a lot of “things”, and storage can be tight in these spaces, but there are a number of bedroom sets out there that have your teen daughter in mind. Look for sets that come with under-bed storage drawers, matching bookshelves and desks for homework, shelving as part of the bed, which helps provide privacy if the bed is not up against a wall, matching wardrobes or dressers to help with clothing storage. And bedside tables for hiding diaries, secret notes and book lights. A day-bed can be a great option if your teen wants to invite friends over to her room, as the bed can also function as a couch. Futons and davenports are beds that fold into couches, but your teen would have to move all of her sheets each time, and as a bed, they are less comfortable than a real mattress.

In a teenager’s room you still want there to be bright pops of color, but less-so than with a child. It can be hard to find the right balance between the child she was and the young woman she will soon become. Lean towards color but in more muted shades, pink is still a feminine and cheerful color, but if you find that she rebels against it, a soft blue or turquoise are equally nice. Basically, any color as long as it is not too dark or intense. Intense Yellow especially causes anxiety and has been know to hamper proper sleep, which teens still need a lot of. It has been proven through brain scans that teenagers see the world differently than adults, the surge or hormones shaping their brains for adulthood. If your teen chooses colors or patterns that you are not comfortable with, try to reach a compromise, but don’t worry too much. Allow her to make the space her own and experience some freedom in her own room, her own space. Being a teenager can be very stressful and while children use their bedroom for sleep and play, a teen needs a bedroom space for relaxation and privacy just as adults do.

If you’re concerned about having to re-paint later and want to stick to a traditional neutral paint color like white or brown, remember that you can always add youth and funkiness to the space with a new light fixture. There are many fun and functional light fixtures on the market these days both for decorative and functional purposes. You can always keep your old light fixture in a closet or garage for when they move out.

Teenagers are often concerned with uniqueness, standing out and having their own voice. If you don’t have a big budget for all new furnishings, then work with them to rearrange the furniture in a new way. It will give them the sense that they’ve chosen the layout and have control over their space. If you do add a desk for homework, try keeping it near a window for natural lighting and include a desk lamp for evening studying.

Another great way to change up a bedroom is with a new quilt or duvet cover. There are many colorful and exciting designs available from polka dots and flowers to waves and ombre patterns. You may even want to buy more than one duvet cover for different seasons or to change whenever they feel like it.

Removable wall stickers are also very popular right now and can help add uniqueness to a space, custom patterns can include your teen’s name. Blik is one such company at that includes chalkboard and dry erase wall stickers for notes and reminders. Several companies also provide cling covers to transform furniture and cabinets as well. Especially those from Ikea as in Mykea at

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